Our standard quotations are referred to good 3 stars hotels but, if you prefer, we can also book 4 stars hotels (nowadays in UB there are not 5 stars hotels).

As far as 4x4 cars are concerned, basic quotations offer the choice between Russian vans and Japanese jeeps (less strong but more comfortable and with air conditioned). If required, we have also at our disposal Toyota Land Cruiser or similar cars, considered the best 4x4 jeeps. On the basis of how many passengers want to travel together, we will make you an adequate proposal in order to meet your requirements. If you prefer a personalized itinerary you should give us some indication about the total expenses you are willing to do so that we can make you an aimed offer. If you want to shorten or lengthen a standard itinerary, please let us know your priorities; the same if you prefer a domestic flight instead of going by car.

Taking into consideration the characteristics of the country, MDT reserves - due to weather conditions and in exceptional cases - to change partly the itinerary or foresee more cars travelling together.


Prices of our quotations in US $ are valid for 2007 and will not be increased after our confirmation of the itinerary you choose.
For this reason, as soon as you have approved our proposal, we will send you a confirmation form that must be shown to MDT once you arrive in Mongolia . The payment has to be done 40 days before the departure date with bank transfer (we will give you the coordinates you have to give to your bank).
You may pay with bank transfer within the 40 days the total amount or 50% of the total. In this case, the other 50% will be paid, the day of arrival - in US $, compulsory cash to MDT delegate (not to the guide) that will give you an official receipt.
If you give up the journey when you have already paid, a 25% on the total amount established will be kept, and the difference will be given back after deducting the bank charges.
It is necessary to send us a copy of the bank transfer so that we can immediately check that the same reached the destination.


For those who want to avoid the most crowded periods it is possible to have discounts on standard prices.


Welcome to discover the historical, natural and cultural wonders of Mongolia with us.